Very simply put our Code of Business Conduct is a list of things Premier Global Logistics will and won’t do.  These are our ground rules and like any important relationship, it is very important to us that we all start on the same page with the same expectations and understanding.


Our Code of Business Conduct is more than just compliance with laws, regulations and standards.  It is also about how we treat our employees, customers, suppliers and our customer’s customers.  Our conduct is based on ‘do unto others’ and treating people properly.  This is by no means intended to imply or pretend that we won't make mistakes or that we will always agree but rather it offers anyone who works with us the confidence in knowing they will be treated fairly, honestly and respectfully.


Most importantly, our Code of Business Conduct has been put into place to protect YOU and your customers!


Premier Global Logistics WILL


  1. Offer excellent, high quality, products and services.

  2. Treat every transaction as an extension of your company. We will defend your business and support you.

  3. Add value to your logistics and supply chain.

  4. Honor your company’s code of conduct / business rules of engagement.

  5. Assist you or your company in any legal way possible.


Premier Global Logistics WILL NOT


  1. Violate any U.S. export laws as outlined in the U.S. Export Regulations.

  2. Falsify documents or knowingly accept documents that contain false statements.

  3. Violate any U.S. import laws or regulations as outlined in 19 CFR.

  4. Engage in anti-competitive sales practices, e.g. back selling.

  5. Knowingly violate transportation laws by moving any illegal item or items.

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